We're still kind of low-tech here at, so you can either print out this page and mail me your (neatly printed!) response, or you can copy the text of this questionnaire to your e-mail program or a word-processor and fill in the blanks there.

Please write in as much detail as you can stand-- and if you're doing this by snail-mail please please please be sure I have your e-mail address anyway, as I'll be emailing additional questions particularly suited to your circumstances!

Name/mailing address/phone (confidential):

Date/time/location of birth:

Mother/Father/Sibling dates of birth:

school/major (whether you're in school now, or not... this is still

current occupation:

When did you start that job?

Your romantic circumstances (and hopes)?

partner's DOB:

Anything you think I should know about him/her?

Times when you may have had difficulties with your partner...

Times when you and your partner were getting along well:

When have you moved in your life --and why. Please give me dates
(month/season and year is fine, as moves happen over a period of weeks of

Tell me about your platonic friends: gender/birthday if you know.

Mentors: Who has been an important mentor in your life. Are you currently without one? Is someone using YOU as a mentor?

Any questions in particular about scheduling events or activities over the next year?
For example, you're thinking of taking a class in X month, or planning to
take a new job in Y month.

Have significant events happened on any particular dates in your past? These can
be positive as well as traumatic (graduations, marriage, fabulous new job,
tragic event)

Okay, now please e-mail the questionnaire to sally [at]

You may pay electronically using a PayPal [Mastercard or Visa] account at the Moonsigns online store... or send a check to Sally Cragin / P.O. Box 77 / Westminster, MA 01473 USA.